The new standard for actigraphy research

EmbracePlus is the most advanced wearable on the market for your actigraphy studies, with an award-winning comfortable design, 14 days of battery life, and a range of key measures including:

  • Step Count
  • Activity Count
  • Sleep Duration
  • Sleep Efficiency
  • Wake After Sleep Onset
  • Sleep Fragmentation
  • Wear Time

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Why choose Empatica Actigraphy

Part of the Empatica Health Monitoring Platform, FDA-cleared for the collection of important measures, including sleep

Easy set up with ready to use provisioned phones for optimized data transfer

Offers 14 days battery life with no need to recharge or switch off

Empatica's devices have been used in thousands of academic and medical research studies

A seamless transition from your Philips Actiwatch

With the Empatica Health Monitoring Platform we provide you with access to key Actiwatch measures, such as Activity Counts, Sleep Duration, Sleep Efficiency, Wake After Sleep Onset, Sleep Fragmentation and Wear Time. Our EmbracePlus device collects raw data through its accelerometer, and with Empatica’s recomputation service, you can seamlessly transition to our solution without having to use new formats or data analysis tools.

Choose from two powerful sensor modes according to your study needs:

Actigraphy Pro

  • 7-day battery life
  • All actigraphy digital biomarkers and raw accelerometry data
  • 64Hz sampling rate
  • Plus Wearing Time, EDA, and Temperature

Actigraphy Optimized

  • 14-day battery life
  • All actigraphy digital biomarkers and raw accelerometry data plus Wearing Time
  • 32Hz sampling rate

Part of the Empatica Health Monitoring Platform Enterprise plan

Designed for the patient, enhanced for the scientist, the Enterprise plan of our Empatica Health Monitoring Platform provides all the necessary tools and support to efficiently conduct clinical trials at scale.